Target #1 in google

SEO Services For Cleaners

Our premium SEO services can help you achieve number 1 in your local Google searches when someone is looking for a business like yours.

SEO doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it can significantly increase the number of people visiting your website and viewing the services you offer.

Cheaper Than You Think

Pricing For TCNE SEO Services

We offer affordable SEO services to cleaners, allowing you more time and money to concentrate on your business whilst we help rank your website high up in Google.

We charge an initial one-off setup fee and then a monthly fee for each town you wish to rank in. You can find more information below.

Had your website and content created by us?
With our Sapphire & Diamond website packages, there is no SEO setup fee as this is all included as part of your package.

Setup Fee

£ 200

Our one-off setup fee means we can make sure your site is ready for SEO optimisation and SEO management, helping you rank faster when we begin managing each town's SEO.

1-4 Towns

£ 25 / Month

Looking to increase your ranking for less than 5 towns on Google? We only charge £25 per month per town. You'll get all the town ranking features we offer with no contract.

5+ Towns

£ 20 / Month

Looking to build your business in a number of towns? We offer a discounted rate at £20 per town per month. We'll manage your SEO for 5 or more towns with no contract.

Seo Features

Included In Your Setup Fee

Understand your content

Full SEO Website Audit

We will conduct a full manual SEO audit on your current website. This will check things such as:

  • Keyword density
  • Site speed
  • Current Google rankings
  • Broken links
  • Mobile readiness
  • Meta descriptions
We check these among other key SEO criteria, allowing us to develop an SEO strategy to help your website rank higher on Google.

Make google work for you

Google My Business Optimisation

Google My Business is one of the most important local business tools out there. Google favours websites that add value to their customers.

Having an optimised GMB page allows Google to show your business directly to potential customers. It should be regularly updated and must be optimised so customers can see your business directly on Google in the right places.

We will setup and optimise the page settings so your customers can see your business. The aim is to show you in the ‘Three Pack’ at the top of the Google search page.

Monitor your search

Google Search Console Setup

People search Google every day for different services, so how would you know if there was a problem with your website stopping you ranking higher on Google?

We setup Google Search Console which helps identify problems early on before your website gets penalised by Google.

It gives you, and us, a better understanding on how Google views your website, making it an invaluable tool to help you rank higher.

Help Google Find You

Sitemap Setup

Google likes to know how your website works. What content it holds, how it flows from one part to another. It likes to know everything.

Sitemaps work just like a real map, it helps Google figure out how it’s customer is reaching the right information within your website and where they’re going to go after they’ve reached their destination.

Sitemaps help give certain pages more authority. You want someone landing on the right page when they search for a local keyword.

Maintaining a sitemap helps Google find data on your site quickly. We build your website’s map ready to help index the right pages on your website on Google.

know what your customers do

Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics helps you, and us, understand how your customers interact with your website.

We will ensure Google Analytics is setup on your website and receiving the valuable data it is designed to do. This will help us track all the traffic visiting your website and we can begin to understand where your visitors are coming from.

We can setup goals and analyse data to help improve your website for it’s visitors and measure the amount of impact our SEO work has made.

never get lost

404 Redirects

Ever visited a website with a broken page that sends you to a 404 Error page? Annoying isn’t it?

Most people will just shut the page and move on. We will ensure that they never come across the page on your website in the first place.

It can be caused by a number of things, a broken link, an unresponsive page or even the customer spelling something wrong at the end of the url.

We help your customer find what they’re looking for every time and optimise your 404 Redirects so they never become part of the problem.

Seo Features

Monthly Town SEO Management

Continual SEO Optimised Content

Content Management

A key part of SEO is content. We will manage your page content, even changing the content if required to ensure that you SEO metrics are being achieved.

We will continually manage your keywords and content on your town pages to ensure that Google recognises your page adds value to your potential customers, thus giving you a higher ranking in Google.

This needs to be constantly monitored and altered accordingly to give the best results.

Monitoring how you're doing

Continual Monitoring

We need to constantly know how your page in performing. We will conduct daily checks to see how we can further improve your page’s ranking.

We will use a mixture of automated SEO software and manual tools to constantly ensure your page is ranking effectively and achieving the results as intended. If something is wrong, we’ll be able to fix it immediately.

You'll see how your improving

Monthly Reports

It’s important to see how you’re doing. SEO takes time to achieve the desired results, sometimes it can take months to rank highly on Google.

We will provide you with a detailed report every month showing exactly how you are improving and how we plan to improve your page even more in the following month.

Our SEO specialist Callum is on hand 7 days a week. Drop him an email at any time and he’ll get back to you with the answers to any questions you may have about your website’s SEO status.

Cancel or change, any time

No Contract Commitments

We offer our services on a month-to-month basis. No longer need our service? Just cancel with only 14 days notice required.

Alternatively, if your town has finally reached an excellent Google ranking, transfer your subscription to another town in the following month.

We have no contractual commitment and you’re free to leave at any time.

Let's Chat About your SEO

We would love to have a chat to you about our SEO services, so just give us a call on 01225 775185 or leave your details below and our SEO specialist will give you a call.